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God’s Design for Science Curriculum

4th edition


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  • Format: Curriculum Kit
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
  • Technicality: Children
  • Ages: 8 through 14
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
  • Published: 2016
  • SKU: 13-1-071
  • ISBN:
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Bible-based and Creator-centered, God’s Design for Science Curriculum will sow a love for science in your students grades 3–8. The evidence supports the Genesis account of creation!

Click here to download your free PDF Worksheets & Quizzes files, to supplement the teacher and student guides.

What’s Included $299 value

  • God’s Design for Heaven and Earth Complete Set

    Help your children see God’s plan for our planet, our solar system, and our universe with this complete earth and space science curriculum. Explore how God designed the earth to support life from our atmosphere to our oceans. Grades 3–8.

    Click here to download your free PDF Worksheets & Quizzes files, to supplement the teacher and student guides.

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  • God’s Design for Life Complete Set

    Reveal the wonder of God’s creation to your child through the study of plants, animals, and the human body. This fun and easy-to-use curriculum is ideal for anyone who wants to teach life science from a biblical, young-earth point of view. Grades 3–8.

    Click here to download your free PDF Worksheets & Quizzes files, to supplement the teacher and student guides.

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Use this AiG-exclusive curriculum set as you sow the seeds of love and respect for Jesus the Creator. This comprehensive and easy-to-teach approach to science is a favorite among grade-schoolers. Start their science education early—before evolution-laced secular media claims another heart by creating distrust of the Bible and disbelief in God. We know of no other series of science textbooks that can educate grade-schoolers with so many fun lessons while at the same time affirming the truth of creation and the insufficiencies of the idea of evolution. Created for home schoolers, but widely used in "traditionally schooled" families as well.

This updated 4th edition includes:

  • More illustrations, more photos, more diagrams!
  • Updated content with the latest scientific findings and information
  • New design! More user-friendly layout, more color, and new fonts
  • Each book has gone through a thorough scientific review
  • All 12 units in the new edition cover grades 3–8
  • The new edition includes digital access to tests, worksheets, experiments, illustrations, videos, and more!

Curriculum summary

The God’s Design series is a highly regarded, complete science curriculum for grades 3 through 8. Covers life science, earth science, physical science, and chemistry & ecology. In the award-winning, full-color student curriculum the lessons are short, easy to teach, and take a hands-on approach using ordinary household items for experiments and activities. But easy does not mean lacking in substance; God’s Design textbooks and the all-new teacher supplements are comprehensive. Most important, God’s Design authors Debbie and Richard Lawrence approach science from a biblical worldview, emphasizing God’s handiwork in the world around us and showing how real science supports biblical authority and the Genesis account of creation. (Flexible order; use 1–3 lessons per week.)

An entire 6-year elementary and middle-school science curriculum, the God’s Design science series...

  • has a strong biblical worldview.
  • is multi-level (easy to use with multiple children and different ages).
  • is flexible and works with all learning styles.
  • requires minimal teacher preparation.
  • teaches critical thinking skills.
  • includes fun hands-on activities with every lesson.
  • is written by seasoned homeschoolers.

“The best elementary-middle school science books I have seen”

Homeschooling mom Tina Rice, a contributing author of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, shares her experience with this outstanding curriculum. Her final conclusion? “I give . . . five stars!”

A well-designed series—teaching God’s Design

From 17 years of experience educating students in the science classroom, AiG–UK’s Paul F. Taylor examines God’s Design. He concludes, “This curriculum constantly reaffirms the truth of Scripture, and the authors are not afraid to tackle difficult topics.”

About the authors

AiG’s Dale Mason, publisher of ANSWERS magazine, shares a bit of background:

“When we discovered this curriculum, several of us felt like doing cartwheels! Never before had we found such a thorough, Bible-based and Creator-centered set of textbooks for kids. God’s Design was so obviously a labor of love by people who intensely understood and could effectively write for grade-school children. Believe it or not, that’s a hard combination to find. We contacted the authors—Richard and Debbie Lawrence—and discovered that God’s Design was born out of the concern of this mom and dad for their own children. Both Richard and Debbie are trained engineers, and they spent years developing this complete science curriculum. We loved what they had done so much—including “the pre-suppositional” approach to God's Word, the fun lessons and experiments, the scientist biographies, the fact that each book can be used by multiple ages, etc.—that we asked if they would allow AiG to come alongside them by publishing it with an updated design and enhancements that they were unable to make on their own. After getting to know one another and seeking the Lord's leading, we were both convinced of the wisdom of working together to take God’s Design to a whole new level of outreach. We are delighted that the fresh design has turned out even better than expected and is now receiving awards from such publications as THE OLD SCHOOL HOUSE magazine and PRACTICAL HOMESCHOOLING magazine. It's an amazing curricula.”

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